Dr. Opunui is Accepting New Patients on Moloka’i





Integrative Health Care

Everyone deserves access to the health care approach that serves their health needs and goals. Dr. Opunui offers a new perspective to managing and optimizing health with the patient experience, service and outcome as the primary objective. Are you getting the results and care you deserve?  



The Space

The healing process begins the instant you enter into Na Pu’uwai. The modern office environment is beautiful, clean, comfortable and relaxing. Na Pu’uwai is located in the heart of Kaunakakai.



& Vision


Inspire and empower health through accessible integrative medical care by weaving the best of modern and traditional medicine.


Hawaii's leader in trusted health care innovation, patient experience, and health outcomes. 



Dr. Opunui addresses the underlying causes of your health problems so you can get well and stay well without unnecessary drugs or surgery.


ancient Intelligence

Dr. Opunui draws from ancient traditional and indigenous wisdom while considering how the modern environment and stressors are shaping your health. We learn from and reconnect with the past while integrating the tools of modern evolution. 

Personalized Care


Dr. Opunui recognizes that despite all we share, we are each unique. Your challenges and goals are your own and your approach to healing should be personalized.

Affordable Care


Feeling healthy should not be a luxury. Dr. Opunui is credentialed with all major private health insurance plans.  For plans that do not offer naturopathic coverage, Dr. Opunui offers some of the most affordable cash rates on the island. 




Total Health Care for the Whole Family 


Dr. Opunui can be your primary care provider and handle all your health care needs to include annual prevention exams, chronic health conditions, new or acute concerns, medication refills and doctor referrals. 



Kulana 'Oiwi Center

604 Maunaloa Highway

Kaunakakai, HI 96748

We each have a life force within us that is constantly begging us to express the best within us. What one can be, one must be.