Environmental Medicine


Heavy Metal Toxicity

Heavy Metal toxicity is prevalent and under diagnosed in today's world. High mercury levels can arise from having mercury amalgam dental fillings and consuming high amounts of predatory fish such as Ahi (tuna) which is a common dietary staple here in Hawaii. Lead, aluminum, arsenic and cadmium are other common heavy metals found in high levels in patients with chronic illness. 

Mold Toxicity

While many molds may pose no or minimal health threats to the majority of individuals, some individuals are more susceptible to the potentially dangerous forms of mold and toxins they release called mycotoxins. Mycotoxins released into the system and can lead to toxic overload and chronic illness.

Chemical Toxicity

Chemicals such as BPA from plastic, glyphosate from roundup, pesticides, BT Toxin from corn, medications, cosmetics, perfumes, and chemicals in cleaning supplies are common examples of chemicals found to cause problems in patients with chronic illness .