Dr. opunui

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Dr. Opunui takes all private health insurance plans that cover naturopathic medical benefits to include HMSA, Kaiser, UHA and HMAA. Dr. Opunui is a PCP within HMSAs network which will require you to assign him as your PCP for coverage.

Medicare, Tricare and Medicaid (Quest) plans do not offer naturopathic medical coverage at this time. Because demand often drives policy change, Dr. Opunui encourages you to contact your health insurer and request naturopathic medical services. We all deserve a choice in the health care approach that best serves our health goals. 

Cash Rates

For those with insurance plans that unfortunately do not offer naturopathic medical benefits, Dr. Opunui offers some of the most affordable cash rates in Hawaii because of his passion to give every Hawaii resident an opportunity to receive the highest quality of naturopathic medical care: 

  • New patient visits: $125

  • Follow-up visits: $80

House Calls

For those with health, mobility or transportation limitations, house calls can be arranged with Dr. Opunui upon request. Rates will vary depending on location. 


Please note that neutraceuticals, functional labs and procedures not covered by insurance are additional costs to patients.